Huit Craft BBQ

Here we are with another installment of 365 Things to do in Cincinnati and today I’m featuring a great new BBQ spot located on Court Street – Huit Craft BBQ. Brunch at Huit BBQ Huit’s website says it best when they say, “Huit Craft BBQ is simply an easy and fun everyday BBQ joint in a non-traditional way! ​You can find familiar BBQ items prepared with lots of love and care, a little naughtiness, a little bit edgy, but with one thing in mind: cultivating flavor.” This is not your usual “pork slathered in BBQ sauce” kind of place (although they’ll make that for you). This place is a bit on the “east meets west”, asian fusion side of things. Huit Craft BBQ on Court Street The decor is bright and sleek with HUGE pics of people enjoying their varied offerings – Lemongrass Chicken on the Bone, Beer Braised Brisket, Eight Spice Ribs. You can sit at the tables along both walls or pull a stool up and sit at the counter. Whatever you do, be sure to come hungry. This place makes some fantastic food. We stopped in for brunch (served on Saturdays only) and enjoyed their Meat and Egg Tostadas (top pic) which is a sunny side up egg over their signature brisket, served on a tostada with housemade slaw. And that brisket… it’s marinated in a locally roasted coffee rub and braised in Mad Tree’s Gnarly Brown Ale. Brisket Sliders at Huit Craft BBQ I had the brisket too… but I had it on two Challah slider buns from local Sixteen Bricks. It came topped with pickled radish (one of my very favorite things), red cabbage and just a bit of watercress. And because we just can’t resist a great roasted vegetable, we added on a side of Roasted Cauliflower with Swiss Cheese and Hazelnut. Total deliciousness. Roasted Cauliflower at Huit Craft BBQ The next time we hit them up for brunch, I’m having the Monkey Bread French Toast. My Huit table neighbor had that and it looked AMAZING! Huit Craft BBQ is currently open for lunch and dinner during the week and for brunch on Saturdays. Huit Craft BBQ is located at 29 East Court Street, downtown Cincinnati Connect with Huit Craft BBQ on Facebook    

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