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Day 28 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” has to be the cutest day of the year.  Because today we went to the Cincinnati Zoo to see the Cincinnati Zoo Babies!

cincinnati zoo babies

The Cincinnati Zoo Babies is a special exhibit at the zoo that runs the entire month of May.  Babies are on display all over the zoo.  You’ll have no trouble finding the babies as their homes are marked with the stork sign (above) which displays the baby’s age, name and proud parents.

cincinnati zoo babies

This poor River Hog mommy is alive – it’s just feeding time.  You’ll notice her three little hungry critters having lunch.

We saw some baby kangaroos (wallabies perhaps?) being bathed behind the door at the Children’s Zoo.  We also saw a baby aardvark there.  All those babes were behind glass though – sorry, no pics.

cincinnati zoo babies bongo

Here’s a little baby bongo – who was quickly pushed off the hay by his hungry daddy.

cincinnati zoo babies zebra

And this little baby wasn’t all that little but he was darned cute.  It’s hard to see but his “mane” was perfectly clean and stood straight up – just like a little boy’s hair does when it’s short.  It was so cute.

cincinnati zoo

The Cincinnati Zoo was voted the #1 Family Attraction in Cincinnati and is one of  the top zoos in the nation.  Our zoo is a wonderful mix of old and new.  And the babies aren’t the only NEW things in our zoo.  The zoo has a new entrance and a new parking area.

cincinnati zoo

The new parking lot and entrance are right on Vine Street.  From the new parking lot you will go up the escaltor/elevator/stairs to the walkway that is over Vine.  You can purchase your tickets from a kiosk and then enter the park.  The entire structure and entrance area is new and very well done.

The Zoo is one of the last attractions around that still allows its guests to bring in their own food.  So pack a picnic lunch and your own drinks and save a few bucks.  Or you can enjoy some Cincinnati favorites while you’re there – Skyline, LaRosa’s and United Dairy Farmers are all available for purchase at the zoo.

cincinnati zoo

And I would hate for the babies to get all the love today as the big guys were out and very active today, posing for the camera.

Cincinnati zoo

I think the Gorilla exhibit has to be one of my favorites.  The gorillas are always out and the setting is just breathtaking.  We didn’t find the baby gorilla but a few males were out and about.

cincinnati zoo

Who says you have to go to a salon for a mud treatment?  The mud pits were just put into place today and this guy did not move an inch the entire time we were there.  He was quite content.

cincinnati zoo gibbons

The gibbons always put on a good show and today was no exception.  This guy sat up on top in the corner and sang all morning long.  We could still hear him when we were getting in our car!

cincinnati zoo rhino

And the next time you worry about your wrinkles come back and look at this guy. 🙂

Be sure to visit the zoo with your family and friends.  The new features and renovations make this a trip you don’t want to miss.  The zoo is open all year long and hosts many events throughout the year.  For pricing, event schedules, and more information see their site (link below).

The Cincinnati Zoo’s Website
Connect with the Cincinnati Zoo on Facebook
Follow the Cincinnati Zoo on Twitter

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