Day 219 – Country Fresh Market

It’s Day 219 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we stopped in one of our favorite places – The Country Fresh Market.

country fresh market produce cincinnati

You might think this is an odd thing to post about and perhaps it is.  But I recently realized that not everyone knows about this place and I think you’re missing out if you haven’t been here yet.  We shop here a lot because it’s close and it’s fantastic.  And if you’ve never been in this place you need to make a trip.  It’s very similar to a mini Jungle Jim’s.

country fresh market produce cincinnati

They sell all kinds of fresh produce.  Their selection is great – every fruit and veggie you would want for your everyday meals (and more).

country fresh market produce cincinnati

They have a deli department that has prices you won’t find anywhere else.  Not only do they have great lunch meats and cheeses, they also have salads, dips, desserts, pickled veggies… the list goes on and on.  They sell some fresh tossed salad here that is fantastic – chopped fresh in store every day.  They also have meal items like BBQ, meatloaf, etc.

country fresh market produce cincinnati

They have an extensive selection of cheeses…

country fresh market produce cincinnati

and bottle upon bottle of wine at great close out prices.

country fresh market produce cincinnatiThey have a cooler section that houses many organic products.  They offer all kinds of organic dairy products as well as cage-free eggs.

country fresh market produce cincinnati

Their produce selection and prices beat the local grocery every day of the week.  They sell lots of locally grown fruits (when available of course).

country fresh market produce cincinnati

They have an entire aisle of packaged goodies.  Here you’ll find all kinds of odd items like wasabi peas and dry roasted green beans.  They also have more traditional items like coconut haystacks and non-pariels.

country fresh market produce cincinnati

They offer a great selection of assorted specialty salad dressings, great odd spices, loads of ethnic cooking products as well as many canned goods you won’t find at too many other places.

country fresh market produce cincinnati

If you happen to be in the Wyoming area of town, be sure to stop at Country Fresh.   I promise you you’ll be glad you did!

Country Fresh Market is located just south of Wyoming  at 8425 Vine Street

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  1. I have found some odd things here that I can’t find anywhere else: Spice Islands Old Hickory Smoke Salt; Ghiradelli Chocolate Muffin Mix; bath tub peaches in the summer and red grapefruit are the best! And lots of little extras 🙂

  2. I agree Bridgett, this place is great! Try the homemade, in store, coleslaw and ham salad, and take a look in the deli at the European meats and sausages! We buy spices from around the world here and I especially like the prices! 🙂 They also have a nice little wine selection…worth the trip from Blue Ash!

  3. I go there every week, find a lot of the European meats and sausages there, different spices , they also have a nice wine selection, and good produce. Their prices are a plus also.
    I love the place.

  4. I love this little market. My family and I are regular customers at Country Fresh. I love that I don’t have to walk a half a mile to get eggs and apples. I started shopping here because I wanted a quick in and out. But because of their selection, I lose track of time while I am there. They actually started selling an item I recommended to them, talk about customer service!

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