Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs

Whether you’re an amateur archaeologist or just looking for something to do this week, Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs needs to make its way onto your calendar!

Hatshepsut at Cincinnati Museum Center's exhibit: Egypt, The Time of Pharaohs

With more than 350 original artifacts dating back over 4,500 years, stunningly detailed models of once-lost cities and landscapes, and vivid interactive multimedia spaces, Egypt will bring the land of pharaohs back to life at Cincinnati Museum Center.

Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs at Cincinnati Museum Center

Cincinnati Museum Center is the first museum in the United States to host the exhibit. And it’s a great one. I would rank this one as one of my favorites thus far!

Shabti at Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs at the Cincinnati Museum Center

The exhibit is a great mix of ancient artifacts and modern elements. One of the first things you’ll see as you enter is the projection wall featuring life on the Nile.

Projection of the Nile at Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs at Cincinnati Museum Center

You’ll see the coffin of Pa-Ser as well as the inner coffin and mummy of Lady Ta-khar, a wealthy woman from Western Thebes.

coffin and mummy at Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs at Cincinnati Museum Center

You can stand in the middle of a life-sized burial chamber….

Tomb at Cincinnati Museum Center

and admire all sorts of amazing statues.

Artifacts are interspersed with hands-on elements. Large multimedia screens will allow you to immerse yourself in the Egyptian civilization.

There’s an entire section of the exhibit that features the sculptor Thutmose and the bust of Queen Nefertiti.

Beauty and ornamentation were certainly important to their culture. Wigs were popular; both men and women used eye liner. Fragrance oils and ointments were worn. And the jewelry…

See the amulet at the center of the necklace above? That necklace features “Bes” and he protects the wearer by preventing general mischief.

“The home deity Bes… repels wild animals and demons and protects pregnant women. As a divine obstetrician, he is often present in the sanctuaries of other gods.”

This is just a small portion of the exhibit. There’s so much more to see! Make plans to get out to see this one. You won’t be sorry!

Egypt: The Time of the Pharaohs will be at the Cincinnati Museum Center through August 18, 2019.

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