Dining at Zula in Over the Rhine

Over the Rhine can certainly keep you hopping with the myriad of places to enjoy a great meal or drinks with friends. I certainly have my set of OTR favorites. And last night I found a new one to add to that list  – Zula. Zula in Over the Rhine Located at the corner of Race and 14th Streets, Zula is unassuming from the street. When I arrived the place looked as though it might not be open… but it was. The setting sun can be a blessing and a curse depending on which direction your windows face. And Zula faces directly into the setting sun, thus the need for the drapes and shades you see in my pictures (taken around 5pm). Zula in OTR I have to say the inside surprised me (in a good way). From the bar to the tables to the open concept kitchens, this is one gorgeous place to be! It’s light and bright and airy. I arrived too early for my dinner date so I had a seat at the bar. If you can snag a seat towards the door you’ll have a great view out the front windows. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a drink while gazing out at Music Hall (which is gorgeous as soon as the shades can go back up!). Music Hall You can sit at a table or at the bar near the pizza oven. There’s also a large room of tables off to the left of the pizza oven. Next time I’d like to dine at one of the bars so I can watch the food being prepared. And I think the bar near the pizza oven would be a wonderful place to spend a winter’s evening. Zula Pizza Oven The large table to the left as you walk in can be reserved for a large party or it serves as a communal table when there are no reservations for a large group. They had it all decked out for the season. And it sits right next to their “cold plates” kitchen area. I enjoyed watching the chef work there. large communal table at Zula in OTR Based on recommendations of our Facebook page readers, I had their amazing Artisan Flatbread, the “Braised Fingerling Potatoes, Finnochiona Salami, Tallegio, Fresh Mozzarella” flatbread to be exact. Can you even believe that crust?! It was every bit as good as it looks. They make the dough from scratch and it’s a multi-day process… and you can tell! I can highly recommend it. flat bread at Zula My dinner date ordered duck, which I will readily admit is not my favorite. I’d like to think I’m an adventurous eater so I had to try it when given the chance. And I was wrong – duck is delicious. I’m told that it depends on the freshness of the duck. Whatever they do at Zula, that duck was superb! Served atop a bed of mashed sweet potatoes and spinach, adorned with pansies – it was a feast for the eyes AND the stomach.  Note: they do not always have duck on the menu and this was one of their specials that night. Duck at Zula in OTR Our neighbors had dessert and it was looking every bit as good as you’d expect after seeing those entrees. But with a play to get to at the Ensemble  Theatre, we simply ran out of time. Perhaps a “dessert for dinner” trip at Zula is in order!   Zula is located at 1400 Race Street in Over the Rhine Zula does take reservations! Connect with Zula on Facebook

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