Day 52 – Anderson Ferry

Day 52 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” features a great trip across the Ohio River with a ride on the Anderson Ferry. Anderson Ferry Ohio River This is definitely one of Cincinnati’s “not to be missed” activities.  It truly gives you a sense of what it was like when you had to cross the river any way you could, back when there wasn’t a bridge for miles. The Anderson Ferry has been in continuous operation since 1817.  Running between the Brent Spence (75/71) Bridge and the 275 Bridge, this ferry totes its riders back and forth from Ohio to Kentucky (or vice-versa). anderson ferry on the Ohio River The Anderson Ferry leaves the Ohio side just 8 miles west of Cincinnati.  And it pulls onto the Kentucky side just a few miles from the Cincinnati Airport. We pulled the car onto the ferry and away we went.  The Ohio side of the River can be seen in the picture above as the ferry pulls away from the bank. Anderson Ferry Cincinnati The Anderson Ferry can take you across if you’re going by car, by foot, or on a bike.  Once you’re on the ferry you can get out of your car and take in the sites.  The Ohio River view is quite charming, peaceful and quiet on this stretch of the River. Anderson Ferry view of the Ohio River The Anderson Ferry crews have three different ferries: Boone 7, Little Boone and Deborah A.  Our ferry today was the Deborah A.  Today they were running one ferry but during a busy time they will run two ferries back and forth. Anderson Ferry Cincinnati Deborah A Years ago we took the ferry across the river and then drove a few miles to the airport where we were able to park our cars in an old gravel lot and watch the planes take off.   Does anyone know if you can still do that??? Here’s a new bit of info – Just in from our Facebook fanpage:  Facebook user Mike Bianchi comments:
…The plane viewing lot is still there – on Donaldson Rd. near Mineola (the top of the hill from the Ferry). Hours are restricted in the post-9/11 world. Another Cincy thing to do – just down the river from the ferry on the Ohio side in North Bend is the tomb of President William Henry Harrison.
See the The Anderson Ferry website for more information (including their schedules and prices).

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  • I love the ferry, I almost always take it to my job in Hebron. It allows me time to relax, and cuts my round-trip mileage to 16 from 40.

  • You sure can still see the planes from the gravel lot. I take my nephew up there to watch the planes all the time. He loves it.

  • The problem with the Ferry is that it’s too expensive to cross. Gas would need to be around $6 a gallon to make it practical for me to use. I can’t wait until they put a bridge there.

  • I hate to say it honey. There are to many people that love Ferry, so I wouldn’t hold my breath for that bridge. Oh and haven’t you ever the the phrase “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything.”

  • I was going to take my grandchildren on a ride on the Ferry.
    Can anyone recommend driving a car aboard or just walking on?
    Is there anything to do on either side that would be of interest?

  • Loving the pictures of Cincy~~~~Grew up there in the 50’s. My husband built and put in the Iron fence around Mt Eco Park in Price Hill….Wish someone would post a picture of that…Haven’t been down that way in years. Lots of good childhood memories…………

  • As kids we use to fish the Ohio River. We would put our fishing lines on Boone 7 with a rock on it and when Boone 7 got a good ways out we would hold the line. We could not cast out that far. That was good old days.

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