A Day in Danville, Kentucky

Danville, Kentucky is a classic American town. Main Street is lined with charming shops and eateries and office buildings that make you wish for a rocking chair and a glass of something cold.

Downtown shops in Danville Kentucky

Danville is located just a bit south of Lexington and just a short drive from Cincinnati (about two hours max). We were fortunate to call Danville home for a day in June as guests of the Danville Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Danville Kentucky along Main Street

Pictured above is a close-up view of their Main Street. Doesn’t it look a lot like Over the Rhine and Vine Street today? Like our Vine Street, their Main Street has some gorgeous architecture.

Wilderness Trail Distillery in Danville Ky

We arrived on a Friday, ready to see what Danville had to offer.  Our very first stop in Danville was actually our first visit on the CRAFT TOUR of the Bourbon Trail.  Not to be confused with the “regular” Bourbon Trail, this is a separate group of distilleries – those that are considered “craft”.

Craft Bourbon Trail passport

Because I have sooo many pictures and sooo much info on the Craft Tour and Wilderness Trail, I have separated that Craft Tour adventure out- click here to read all about Wilderness Trail Distillery.

After we did the Wilderness Trail Tour (which was awesome btw) we headed into town for lunch. First foodie stop of the day – Bluegrass Pizza and Pub.

Bluegrass Pizza and Pub

This place has a great vibe. All the tables and chairs are different yet it all seems to work. Chalkboard lines the lower half of the walls and if you ask nicely, one of the kids might share a piece of chalk from her bucket. There’s a bar in the back with a nice selection of brews on tap and they’ll ask you if you want “Sweet Tea”. Lights hang delicately from the ceiling and rock-inspired artwork covers the walls. But the real star of the show is this…

pizza at bluegrass pizza and pub in Danville, Ky

We ordered a 10″ pizza, specifically the “Main Line”, piled high with pepperoni, Italian sausage, tomatoes, onions, green and black olives, mushrooms, and green peppers. They have lots of other things on the menu too (salad, sandwiches, stromboli, etc.) but I’d have the pizza again. The texture was great, toppings were fresh, cheese was melty… all in all, a fabulous lunch.

After we settled up for our lunch, we headed a few blocks down the road to visit Danville’s Constitution Square.

Constitution Square in Danville, Ky

Constitution Square is a 3 acre park right on Main Street. The park pays tribute to Kentucky’s early heritage and includes some frontier-style log buildings (the oldest post office building in the west) and some replicas including the courthouse, a jail, and a school.  It’s a picturesque spot with lots of state of Kentucky history and various educational/learning opportunities. I wish we had been able to hunt for a geocache there but it was raining while we were exploring so we kept moving.

Maple Tree Gallery in Danville Ky

We enjoyed stopping into a few of the shops along Main Street including Maple Tree Gallery. What a charming little shop! They have an amazing array of home goods and gift items. I had to be really careful to keep my wallet in my purse!

Danville Kentucky Courthouse

By the time we left Maple Tree Gallery the sun had finally returned and the skies turned to blue. We continued to walk up Main Street to see this beauty – the Boyle County Courthouse. There’s quite a bit of history associated with this building. This courthouse was built in 1862, replacing the previous courthouse which was destroyed in a fire that took out a good bit of downtown Danville. The new courthouse opened just a time before the Battle of Perryville (Civil War). After that nearby battle, this nearly-new courthouse was occupied by Union troops and used as a hospital. Today, the building is still used as the county’s courthouse.

Perryville Civil War battlefield

Being big Civil War buffs, we spent the afternoon exploring the location of the Battle of Perryville.  The battle was fought in 1862 and is/was considered to be a very strategic Union victory in that it soldified Union control of Kentucky.  You can learn more about this, the bloodiest battle in Kentucky, over at civilwar.org.

Battle of Perryville Kentucky

According to Kentucky State Parks, “The battlefield is one of the most unaltered Civil War sites in the nation; vistas visible today are virtually those soldiers saw on that fateful day in 1862.” You can pick up a self-guided walking tour at the park office.  You can walk one of the many trails or you can drive along a gravel road that spans the park (quite bumpy and dusty but worth the trip).

After a long afternoon at Perryville, we were glad to return to Danville and relax at our night’s accommodations, The Farm LLC.  The Farm is a bed and breakfast and it’s also an actual working farm.

The farmhouse at The Farm LLC
The Farm in Danville Kentucky

The Farm LLC is a bed and breakfast, located in what was once a family farm. After the owner’s children grew up and moved out, the husband and wife turned their family farm into a working farm B&B. We stayed in the “Suite Katie” (named after one of the daughters), located in the addition along the back of the farm house. Being a relatively new addition, our set-up included a very nice bedroom with a community living room (below) and our own large bathroom.

room at The Farm LLC
Suite Katie at the Farm LLC

The Farm LLC is more than just a night’s place to stay – it is a working farm. We were able to stroll the grounds in the evening hours and see chickens and goats and kittens and ducks… just about any farm animal you might like to encounter.

goats at The Farm LLC
goats at the Farm in Danville Kentucky

We put our stuff away and then headed back into town to enjoy a night out. We started off the evening with an appetizer and drinks at Jane Barleycorn’s Market and Bar. I will start off by saying that this was easily my favorite place to go in Danville. The place has a very eclectic feel, almost indie, kinda crafty. The bar has an amazing selection of bourbons, beer on tap, and an AMAZING menu. We loved everything about it and are still wishing we could bring it home with us :).

Jane Barleycorn's in Danville Ky
bourbon bar at Jane Barleycorn's
cheese tray at Jane Barleycorn's

After our afternoon drink and appetizer, we decided to stop by Cue on Main Street for a burger. We enjoyed our dinner out on the walk, eating at the outdoor table you see below.

Cue on Main in Danville, Ky

Our server was amazing and really seemed to enjoy having us there. She told us about how the building used to house a bowling alley and that the floor from the bowling lanes had been salvaged and turned into tables at a nearby bar – The Beer Engine. And as luck would have it, The Beer Engine was on our list of places to go that night! It was fun to see it all come together between the close-knit community businesses.

The Beer Engine tables
tables made from salvaged bowling lanes at The Beer Engine
beer flight at The Beer Engine

After a very long day of eating (plus a few drinks), we returned to The Farm just in time to catch this…

sunset at The Farm in Danville Ky

One of the great things about a B&B is the breakfast… and The Farm’s breakfast was top notch. We enjoyed bacon and eggs, biscuits with homemade jams and jellies, goat cheese (that was made on the farm the day before), cobbler, and so many other things that I can’t even remember all of it!

dining room at The Farm LLC

After breakfast, all of the guests were invited to go out to the barn. We were able to milk a goat, feed the animals, and even wander around the fields with a pig and chickens.

goats in the barn at The Farm LLC
pig and chickens at The Farm in Danville

Here are a few tips for you as far as the farm aspect goes. If you go, be sure to take some old shoes for the farm excursion and a bag to put them in when you’re done.  It is a TRUE farm experience and you are going to get dirty. There’s nothin’ dainty about hanging with the pigs!

feeding animals at The Farm in Danville

While we were there, a cow birthed a new calf.  Kids got to gather eggs in the barn. An instructor led a class on making butter in the kitchen. You can feed the goats and you can even milk one!  This place is a destination all its own and would be a blast for families with young children.

I do feel the need to say that while we enjoyed our stay and the families that were there with us LOVED it, if you’re looking for just a place to stay for the evening while you’re in Bourbon Country (and the farm aspect is not what is drawing you in), this may not be the right spot for you. You really have to embrace and enjoy the entire experience of being on a farm here.

Danville Kentucky

I could go on and on. Believe me when I say that I probably have another 50 pictures beyond what I’ve included here.  I haven’t even touched on the fact that Danville is the home of Centre College.  Or that it’s a great place to visit while you’re exploring Bourbon Country. I hope you enjoyed getting to see Danville from a vistor’s point of view and hope that you’ll consider stopping by for a visit!

Thanks to the Danville Convention and Visitors Bureau for providing our accommodations at The Farm LLC.


  • I have lived in Danville for 25 years. It is a GREAT place to live, and visit. Danville it located in BOYLE County, not Bourbon Co. Bourbon Co. Is north of Lexington.

  • Thanks for visiting us at Cue in Danville. Thanks for the kind words. We love to share the history of our town and our little restaurant location.

    Come again anytime.

  • Glad you like my little home town. It has actually changed a lot since I grew up there and moved in 1978. It was hard for a small town girl to move to the big city. Main street was a lot different then.

  • Thank you for visiting us at Wilderness Trail Distillery and thank you for the kind words about us and the other stops in Danville. We have a wonderful community and lots to offer for a day of sight seeing off the metro path. We hope you enjoyed your stay and come back to see us!

  • Great article. It would have been outstanding if you had included another quintessential piece of Danville, KY–Centre College.

  • Oh! And, you missed one of my favorite bakery’s in the WORLD – Burke’s Bakery on Main! Their pastries and mini-pies are SO good!!

  • i am so sorry you missed the opportunity to visit Ky School for the Deaf. It was founded in 1823. The land was deeded by President Lincoln. The museum is full of historically significant artifacts. The school educates students Kindergarten thru 12th grade.

  • Since the writer liked everything she saw and did, but according to those who have already commented missed a few things, we can only hope she’ll be back to visit us soon. I agree that Centre College, the School for the Deaf, and BURKE’S Bakery all are worth a visit. Not to mention the McDowell House, our beautiful public library, and Grace Cafe – the only pay what you can afford restaurant in Kentucky.

  • We moved to Danville 3 1/2 years ago…we absolutely LOVE it here..the community has been so Welcoming♡we visited here only 3 days before we knew that we wanted to make Danville our Home♡there is so much culture and history here….Centre College hosts many Concerts and Artists throughout the year♡..Burkes Bakery..has been open for over 100 yrs!so Delicious…gingerbread men cookies are served ALL year long…
    We have the Big Brass Band Festival in June..Kentucky BBQ fest in Sept..
    Lots of Hiking trails nearby..
    We found such a PEACE living here…♡Thank you for your beautiful article……hope you come back soon…

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