Day 287 – Clooney Watch!

It’s Day 287 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we’re doing a video recap of our recent trip around town on our hunt to find George Clooney!

What do you get when you take the cutest little bassethound puppy ever out on the road to look for George Clooney?  Lots of attention, that’s what!  I paired up with a group of friends, one of whom is Marsie Newbold, Mom to Nosey the bassethound pup.  We had a blast running all around town, in and out of shops, looking for George.

Here’s  a few of our favorite shots…

As you can probably guess, the bus is as close as we got to George. It turns out we were a day too early.  While we were in Northside we were told that George and crew would be there the next day!  Well, we had a great time anyway.  And while we didn’t find George, we did make lots of new friends along the way.

In the slideshow:

The Precinct
The Cincinnati Observatory
Ferrari Fausto’s Barber Shop
The Greater Cincinnati Film Commission
Gold Star Chili
Northside True Value Hardware
Skincraft Tattoos in Northside
Jean Roberts’ Table
The Aronoff Center for the Arts
Jeff Ruby’s
The “We Like Mike” election campaign bus being used in the movie
and Marsie’s Mini Cooper

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  • Thank you for the Clooney Watch video…it was awesome….I especially love Nosey, the bassett hound….he is such a precious pup! Clooney needs to show his face and pet Nosey….we need a pic of that!!!

    • I am sorry to say that we did not meet George Clooney :(. We came very close though! We waited by that bus (in the video) for over an hour on a tip that they were coming out. Our group wanted to call it a day (we’d been out for about 7 hours at that point) and we decided to go home.

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