The Cincinnati Streetcar Providing Transportation for Downtown

It’s finally here! The Cincinnati Streetcar (officially named the Cincinnati Bell Connector) is now transporting folks from the north to the south ends of downtown!

Cincinnati Streetcar at Music Hall

The electric streetcars will go as far as a few blocks north of Findlay Market and then loop around to head south all the way down to 2nd Street (at The Banks on the Ohio River). The streetcar runs in a 3.6 mile loop and has 18 stops along the way.

The Cincinnati Bell Connector

Each car can hold about 150 people. There are lots of seats as well as standing room in the center of the cars.

Interior of the Cincinnati Streetcar

The fare is currently $1 for two hours or you can buy a day pass for just $2. Children under 35 inches ride free and children under 45 inches pay ½ fare. More details on the fares can be found here.

Ticket vending machine for the Cincinnati Streetcar

You purchase your ticket at the streetcar stops (at a ticket vending machine) or via the Cincy EZRide app.

Like many other city transportation systems, you do not put a ticket in a fare box or present anyone with your fare when you board. Fare inspectors will make random checks of all passengers throughout the day to make sure they have valid streetcar passes. There is a fine if you are on the streetcar without a ticket.

Bikes On the Streetcar in Cincinnati

Need to take your bike onto the streetcar? Wheel it right on! The floor of the streetcar is level with the station, allowing quick and easy access for anything on wheels. You can also take a cart, wheeled luggage, or strollers onto the streetcar and you do NOT need to fold it up.

Persons with disabilities who use wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility aids should enter through the center double doors.

Cincinnati Streetcar Map
map courtesy of The City of Cincinnati’s website

Popular destinations where you can stop while you ride the loop include: The Banks (including Great American Ballpark and Paul Brown Stadium), Fountain Square, the Carew Tower, The Aronoff Center for the Arts, the Contemporary Arts Center, Washington Park and Music Hall, Findlay Market, Rhinegeist, and so much more!

Elm Street in Cincinnati

What are you waiting for? Just think of the days of fun you can have when you ride from one end of town to the other on the Cincinnati Streetcar!!!

Get the details on the Cincinnati Streetcar on the City of Cincinnati’s Site

Find the Cincinnati Bell Connector on Facebook

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