Day 80- The Cincinnati Art Museum

Day 80 of 365 Things to do in Cincinnati takes us the Cincinnati Art Museum, located close to the Ohio River and less than a mile away from the Krohn Conservatory. Housing tens of thousands of works of art, this museum can satisfy art lovers of any kind. art museum cincinnati front With pieces ranging from sculptures to paintings to “old-fashioned” dishes and furniture, it seems as though no one could leave this museum without finding a genre or medium that they enjoy. Just upon walking through the entrance, continuing through the first gallery and making your way to the back staircase, you will pass a giant glass sculpture hanging from the ceiling in the lobby, an old fashioned car, and a gallery containing ancient Egyptian art (which includes a few mummies!). The museum features art from many diverse cultures. There are several galleries dedicated to ancient art from places such as Asia, Africa, and Europe. One of my favorites was this tile wall in the Asian exhibit, which you can see in the back of this photo: There are also a few galleries containing art specific to Cincinnati. The size of this gallery surprised me—I had no idea that the Cincinnati of years past was so famous for their artwork! This exhibit really is a must-see for those wishing to learn more about Cincinnati, or for those who simply love art and are excited to see such works come from our hometown. Some may be nervous about attending the art museum with small children in tow. However, the Cincinnati Art Museum is a very kid-friendly setting that helps children understand the beauty and culture of the art that is showcased. There are several stations in different exhibits that have interactive activities for children, such as this one that allows children to try on the hairstyles from the ancient Asian culture represented in the art in that exhibit: Besides the artwork, the museum also has an outdoor deck for visitors, a restaurant, and a gift shop so you can leave the museum with your own works of art. However, don’t think that you will only visit the Cincinnati Art Museum one time—with the changing galleries and activities offered by the museum, you surely will return to relive your experience again and again.  And be sure to leave yourself time for a stroll through neighboring Eden Park when you go! The Cincinnati Art Museum is FREE!!!!  thanks to various generous benefactors.  They are closed on Mondays. The Cincinnati Art Museum is located at 953 Eden Park Drive You can also find the Cincinnati Art Museum on Facebook.

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