Day 201 – Cappel’s

It’s Day 201 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today I went to Cappel’s to check out their Halloween costumery.  This is one FANTASTIC place to go to at anytime of the year and is especially fun for Halloween. Cappel’s is located downtown and they actually have more than one building.  My first stop was the main store (920 Elm Street).  The main store has all kinds of year round party finery.  They have some holiday stuff when you walk in the door but then if you venture into the left side of the store you’ll find row after row of party goods. Seriously, does someone really need this big of a selection of tiaras?  Evidently they do because it’s huge and it’s front and center when you walk in.  Amazing! The boys in the house might enjoy the aisle of cowboy gear, everything from fancy hats to play guns to badges. The main location has everything you could want for your party plans.  Can you believe their selection of kiddie goodie bag loot above?  They also have all kinds of party decorations, paper goods, table covers, ribbon… you name it, they’ve got it. After I took in the main store I ventured over to the Cappel’s Annex, which is actually right behind the main store on Race Street (you can walk there from the main store).  The Annex is where they have all the costumes. They have an incredible selection of costume wigs.  Above you’ll see the womens’ section.  There was an equally large selection of mens’ wigs too. Or perhaps the doctor scene is more your style.  Costumes and “doctor accessories” were on this end cap, right along with butchered limbs. They have all kinds of hats if you’re putting together your own look. They have costumes for adults and kids.  You can get a packaged costume or just buy it in pieces. And I had to snap a picture of these tattoo arm covers in remembrance of one of my favorite episodes of “The Big Bang Theory”.  Harold and Raj fans, you know which one I mean :). Cappel’s is located at 920 Elm Street.  The Cappel’s Annex is located at 917 Race Street.

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