Day 188 – Caldwell Nature Center

It’s Day 188 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today I went to Caldwell Nature Center.  One of the Cincinnati Park District Parks, Caldwell Nature Preserve has some great hiking trails. Caldwell Nature Center has over 3 miles of hiking trails.  Most of the trails are mulched but they do have a very nice paved path into the woods that is wheelchair accessible.  The paved path leads into the woods and there is a very nice platform overlook at the end of the paved trail.  The platform looks down into a ravine and is a great place to take in the spectucular colors of the season. caldwell nature preserve cincinnati parks The paved trail also leads to a huge amphitheater set in the woods (paved trail only leads up to the ampitheater – not into it).  This would be a great place to come with the kids and put on a show.  There are also some picnic tables spotted throughout this section of the park. caldwell nature preserve cincinnati parks I decided to go beyond the paved trail just to see what was out there.  Before I took off on my adventure I stopped at the Nature Center to see if they had a map.  It was closed so I decided to proceed on my own.  How big could it be after all?  I mean, really, it’s right there on North Bend. I started off thinking how relaxing it was to just get out for a walk at the end of the day.  The colors are magnificent.  And Caldwell Park’s forests are thick and lush.  It doesn’t appear that a lot of people hike here.  I didn’t actually see another person until I was almost done hiking… very peaceful. Until I realized that the trail was going on FOREVER and I really had no idea where I was.  And I forgot how quickly it got dark in the woods.  It was only about 5pm but dusk was setting in.  My leisurely walk in the woods ended – at least in my mind.  What was I thinking – coming out here without a map?!  And who knew there could be all this trail at Caldwell Park?!  So I started walking really fast… and got a GREAT  workout… and obviously made my way out without a problem.  But I have to admit I was a a bit paranoid worried. So when you go (and I highly suggest that you do), be sure to check their map online or pick one up at the Nature Center. Caldwell Nature Center is located at 430 West North Bend Road.

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