Ault Park with a Blanket of Snow

I was in the Hyde Park area today and decided to stop in for a few pics of Ault Park in the snow.

Ault Park in the snow
A snowy Ault Park in Cincinnati

There’s plenty of snow on the ground here today. But it’s been a few days since the snow fell and it’s evident that there have been lots of people here before me.

The Ault Park overlook on a snowy day

The snow is still pretty and white and the sky was GORGEOUS today – the perfect “sky blue”.

Ault Park in the snow with blue sky

It really was a great day to soak it in. I don’t mind the winter cold and I’m glad we finally got some snow this year.

Bare trees and blue skies at Ault Park

But I will freely admit that I prefer the fountain (see below) to have running water :). You can see pics of how gorgeous this park is in the spring here and the flowers of summer here.

The frozen fountain at Ault Park
Ault Park fountain, Cincinnati

But until it warms up, I’ll enjoy this blanket of snow :).

Ault Park arches in the snow
Ault Park Pavilion Arches

Ault Park is located at 3600 Observatory Avenue

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