Ault Park in the Spring

One of my favorite things about living in Cincinnati is our wide array of FABULOUS parks and places to play outdoors.

Ault Park Spring 2015

Looking forward to springtime at our parks is something that gets me through those dreary months of winter.  

Spring brings lots of blooms at both Eden Park and Ault Park.

Magnolia Blooms at Ault Park

Ault Park (one of the Cincinnati Park District parks) has a number of magnolia trees all over the park and they put on quite a show!

Magnolia Blooms at Ault Park in Cincinnati

And while Ault Park is gorgeous all year round (see Ault Park in the snow here and in the summer here), springtime at Ault Park is always my favorite.

Fields at Ault Park taken from the Pavilion

It’s a time to get out and enjoy some much needed sunshine!

Relaxation at Ault Park

If you’ve never been to Ault Park, there’s lots to see and do there. Enjoy LOTS of plants and blooms, large fields to play in, the pavilion to admire (be sure to find the steps and go to the top), and plenty of space to walk.

Ault Park in the Spring

Ault Park is located at 3600 Observatory Avenue

For reference, these pictures were taken on April 5, 2015.

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  1. Hi Maria, I think it depends on where you go. I was at Lytle Park today (4-16-2015) and the blooms were about half gone. I would guess that they’re all on their way to being done at this point but I still think there’s a chance of some being “late bloomers” too.

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