Day 184 – Aglamesis Brothers

It’s Day 184 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today I made my very first stop at Aglamesis Brothers.  It may have been my first stop but it certainly won’t be the last!

aglamesis brothers candy and ice cream

I’m embarrassed to admit that this was the first time I’d ever been to Aglamesis.  I’ve heard such great things about their ice cream and their candy.  I knew I was missing out so I decided to stop by today to see what the hoopla’ is all about.

I stopped in at the Montgomery location.  This is the second location for the popular Aglamesis Brothers candy and ice cream shop.  The original location is located in Oakley.  The darling young girl who took care of me today (Krissy) told me that “Mr. A” grew up above the Oakley shop.  The business has been around for over 100 years and is still owned by the same family.

Krissy told me all about the Aglamesis family and the business itself.  She answered every question I could throw at her with the utmost charm and professionalism.  Aglamesis’ is LUCKY to have her!  Above you’ll see Krissy showing me a sample of one of their boxed chocolates.

Aglamesis makes their own candy and ice cream.  Their ice cream that includes chocolate contains their own homemade chocolate.  They have a number of varieties of French ice creams as well as a nice selection of ices.   I sampled their seasonal “Cinnamon” and it was outstanding!

The shop has operating soda fountains right at the counter.  You can sit at the counter on a bar stool, you can enjoy your treats at a table inside, or you can even sit outside at a table.

Don’t those look good?!  Being a huge chocolate fan, I had to bring home a few samples.  I tried the coconut “haystack” which was incredible.  I think they must toast the coconut before it gets mixed in.  Yum!  I also brought home an opera cream and a turtle-like concotion with caramel and pecans.  They were all excellent – creamy chocolate and well balanced flavors.

aglamesis brothers chocolates

You can buy their candies by the piece, in a small custom-made sampler box (like I did), or prepackaged in boxes.  They will even wrap your box of chocolates for you if it’s a gift.

Aglasmesis has two locations.  I stopped in at the one located at 9899 Montgomery Road.  The original shop is in Oakley Square at 3046 Madison Road.

You can also connect with Aglamesis on Facebook

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  • This may sound silly, but part of the reason my wife and I decided to rent a house in Oakley when we moved from Chicago was because of Aglamesis. It anchors the neighborhood and is a popular family-friendly spot in both hot and cold weather.

    Everything at Aglamesis is homemade — even the whipped cream! There is an old-world charm that is delightful and delicious. As you noted, the staff is wonderful, friendly, and polite, even when it’s really busy. If you’re lucky and catch Mr. A when he’s in the store, make sure to stop and say thank you. Not only will you bring a smile to an old man’s face, but he has been known to bring out an extra chocolate or two. *grin*

    Maybe it’s because we’re not originally from here, but neither of us can really understand why Greater’s considered “Cincinnati’s ice cream.” For us, Aglamesis is second to none as the best ice cream around. Period.


    • I love the Oakley Aglamesis too, Michael. Believe it or not, the first one I went to was the one on Montgomery. I didn’t even realize it wasn’t the original as the decor looks very similar. I totally love the Oakley location too and can understand why you’d like to live close by!

  • I grew up in Montgomery and we would walk to Aglamesis. Their Sorbet is fantastic with pieces of fruit in it. Everything is good there.

  • Champagne Ice is available year round. My mom was in Bethesda North and champagne ice was a welcome crutch. I grew up in Cincinnati from ’67 to ’87. Chili, Buskin cheese cups, and champagne ice are must stop upon amy return. It is nearly impossible to explain it to an outsider, but my wife is eager to understand my lunacy. Husman’s BBQ potato chips (what happened to the cheddar cheese popcorn?), UDF chocolate malts.

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