Day 34 – Abby Girl Sweets Cupcakery

It’s day 34 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and we are downtown visiting the Abby Girl Sweets Cupcakery.

abby girl cupcakery trays

Located just outside the lobby of the Hilton (Cincinnati Netherland Plaza), Abby Girl Sweets is just a short walk from Fountain Square.   They serve up all kinds of luscious cupcakes, all made from scratch.

abby girl cupcakery

This is a family owned and operated business.  Husband and wife team (Nathan and Andrea Thompson) are the baker and decorator, respectively.  And Mom, Karen, runs the shop.

abby girl cupcakes

The cupcakery has a variety of cupcakes each day.  You can choose from their “always available” varieties such as their signature strawberry or fan favorite “Double Trouble”.  Or you can try out one of the daily special varieties.  And that’s what I did…

abby girl banana cupcake

This was today’s special variety – a banana cupcake with a chocolate shell topping and a large dollop of Madagascar Vanilla Bean frosting on top.  The cupcake packed a huge banana taste.  The cake itself was very moist.  It had just the right amount of chocolate frosting/shell on top.  And you could see the vanilla specs in the frosting.  It was AMAZINGLY good!

The cupcakery has a few tables if you would like to eat in.  Or you can take cupcakes to go in the cutest little cupcake container…

abby girl cupcakery

Support our very own local Mom and Pop spots! Be sure to stop in for a little sweet treat the next time you’re downtown.

Abby Girl Sweets Cupcakery is located at 41 West Fifth Street in downtown Cincinnati
Find them on the web at Abby Girl Sweets Cupcakery
Daily Varieties are posted every day on their Facebook Page

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  • I loved this place! I first noticed the cupcakes in the window and thought it was cute. My boyfriend and I went in there to look at it and could not resist the wonderful smell! I first got the vanilla cupcake with buttercream icing! AMAZING! The cupcake was very moist and the icing was just the right amount. I loved it so much, I went the second time and got the peach cupcake with real fruit and it was super moist and tasted heavenly. I would seriously try the fruit flavors because they are the best. The cupcakes are the best desserts because if you are watching your weight it is good to have a little bit of something without eating the whole thing. It was just the right amount. The customer service was nice and the place was very welcoming. I would seriously recommend this for a small, just right treat!

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