Day 355 – A Tavola Bar and Trattoria

It’s Day 355 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we’re featuring the very yummy A Tavola, a new bar and oven fired pizza spot downtown. a tavola pizza cincinnati A Tavola is the newest pizza shop in town.  Located in the Gateway Quarter downtown, this gorgeous spot is the perfect place to get a pizza pie.  And not just any pizza… these pies are made in an oven right there in the middle of the joint… a tavola pizza cincinnati The oven was hand crafted in Italy and shipped here specifically for A Tavola.  The pizzas are cooked in just a few minutes in this super hot, wood fueled pizza oven. a tavola pizza cincinnati Right next to the pizza oven is the open kitchen.  You can pull up a bar stool or stand there to watch as they craft your pizza.  They start with hand made dough and use only the freshest of toppings (sourced locally whenever possible). a tavola pizza cincinnati The menu offers a wide range of Italian specialties from pizza to anitpasti to brushetta.  The ingredients they use in all their menu items are insanely fresh – like they just picked them out back.  Our table had three different pizzas – brussel sprouts, bacon, fontina (my favorite) and leek, fontina, house bacon and cauliflower, salsa verde, fontina. a tavola pizza cincinnati They might sound like incredibly strange pizza toppings but I am here to tell you that they were all incredibly good.  Keep in mind that the pizza oven basically roasts and carmelizes the veggies.  And the sauce – I have no idea what it is actually but it’s not a tomato based pizza sauce.  There’s actually very little sauce on there… and I would guess it was more of a white sauce.  I’ll have to ask next time I’m in there… I was way too busy eating last night!
a tavola pizza cincinnati
not bad for a Tuesday night!
And they combined all the great food with a killer decor.  This place is light and open and super sunny.  Like I said before, the kitchen is open so you can get a good look at the oven and the folks as they make the pizza.  They have a number of tables with chairs and some with bench seating.   From the hardwood floors to the funky tables, the owners definitely pay attention to detail… a tavola pizza cincinnati Be sure to check out A Tavola the next time you’re looking for the best pizza in town.  And don’t skip the anitpasti or the brushetta… it’s delish too! A Tavola is located at 1220 Vine Street downtown Connect with A Tavola on Facebook  

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