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As you all know, 365Cincinnati is closing in on the end of our first year!  And with that we have some website design changes and improvements on the horizon. And I could really use your help… 365Cincinnati needs a new logo.  I’ve been struggling with making a logo that I like… and I just can’t seem to come up with anything.  I’m not particularly artistic so it’s a tough job for me.  That’s where I’m hoping you can help me out. Would you like to design a new logo for 365Cincinnati? I’d love to see what you guys can come up with in the way of a new logo for 365Cincinnati. Here’s how we’ll do it…  You design a logo for 365Cincinnati.com.  Your design work can be submitted to me via email until Sunday, May 15, 2011 at midnight.  I will then choose three of my favorites and will put them up in a blog post for all to see (with the possibility of having folks vote for their favorite as well).  A final winner will be chosen and that person will get full credit in a blog post announcing the winner and will also get a very nice write-up on our Facebook page (nearly 30,000 fans). Here are the guidelines:
  • This logo will be used primarily for the top of the site.  However, I would like to have something I can also use for business cards and other print materials down the road.  It would even go on our tshirts and other apparel as we go into our second year.  So keep in mind that it needs to look good on the web AND in print.
  • The three buttons that are currently at the top of the site (event calendar, deals and tours) will remain there in some form.  Your logo will go on the left and should work in conjunction with those symbols on the right.
  • This logo should still be easy to read when it’s small.  For instance, the logo should still be legible on a business card or in a 125pxX125 ad.
  • I am not particular about colors at all.  Don’t feel like you have to match the colors of the current site.  I will probably alter the current site to match the new logo.
  • Dimensions:  header/banner to be no taller than 150px and no wider than 500px
  • The elements you use to make the design must be your own or you must have the right to use them for logo designs for others
  • Your initial design should be submitted in the following format:  jpeg or png
  • You do not have to be an artist or “in the business” to make great art.  Everyone can and should participate.
That’s about it!  I look forward to seeing what you can do! Please email your designs to: Bridgett at 365Cincinnati dot com  

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  • You might get a few more responses if you reward some sort of prize, rather than simply mention them on a blog/Facebook. This is coming from a design professional who views his career as valuable and more than just a “thing on the side that anyone can do”.

    • I can understand your point, Dave. I do not intend to discredit your industry in any way and do greatly appreciate the hard work that goes into a design process. Keep in mind that the logo and credits will go out to about 30,000 people (with the blog and Facebook page).

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