Day 25 – Wicked

It’s Day 25 (Year 2) of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we’re featuring Broadway Across America’s “Wicked”!

Based on a 1995 book by the same name (Wicked by Gregory McGuire), this Broadway musical is the winner of 35 major awards including a Grammy and three Tony awards.  Wicked is the incredible story of what went on “behind the scenes” in the land of Oz.   It’s the tale of Elphaba (better known as the Wicked Witch) and Glinda (better known as the Good Witch).

As much as I’d like to give you all the blow-by-blow of the show, I really don’t want to give away the story.  This was the first time I’d seen Wicked and part of the fun (for me at least) was discovering the tie-ins to The Wizard of Oz.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise factors and the comedy for you!

This is our third show at the Aronoff.  We’ve been to see South Pacific and Beauty and the Beast as well.  And I can easily say that Wicked wins as my favorite (thus far), hands down.  The scenery is absolutely incredible.  The story line is intriguing and suspenseful.  The acting and singing is superb.  Throw in a few flying monkeys and you’ve got yourself a real show!  We loved it!

And we’re not the only ones who feel that way.  This is an incredibly popular production.  The Aronoff was completely full the night we went.  And many of the theatre-goers had seen Wicked before.  It’s that good!

Wicked is part of the Broadway Across America Cincinnati line up of shows at the Aronoff Center
Wicked is here in Cincinnati from November 2-26, 2011.
Purchase your tickets for Wicked here
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The Prize Pack has been given away.  Congrats to Mark, our winner!

And if that isn’t Wicked enough for you (I had to get that in somewhere!), here’s a little gift pack giveaway from our friends at Broadway Across America Cincinnati…

We have a Wicked gift pack for one lucky winner.  The prize includes: a Wicked beach towel, a Wicked keychain, a Wicked magnet and a Wicked Souvenir Book.

Enter to win the Wicked Prize Pack by leaving a comment on this post telling us if you’ve seen Wicked or if you’d like to see it!

Pesky Details:  One winner will be chosen (on Friday, November 11, 2011) at random from the comments left on this post only.  The winner will be notified via email so be sure to give us a good one.  The winner will need to pick up the prize pack at the Broadway Across America’s offices downtown.  No purchase is necessary.  You may enter to win one time.






  1. says

    I haven’t seen Wicked – I have seen that ticket prices now are wicked in the literal way. Hrumph. Hopefully I will win this prize pack so I can PRETEND I saw it :)

  2. says

    I’ve seen Wicked 4 times and in 3 different cities, including on Broadway right before Idina left! It has been my favorite Broadway show since it came out!

  3. Ronda says

    I have not seen Wicked yet but my 5 year old daughter and I watch bits and pieces of the songs on Youtube. Would love to see it live!

  4. Jason says

    I saw Wicked last time it was here and it was amazing. The only thing better would be to see Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel reprise their original roles. Until then, I get to see it this weekend!!!

  5. Laura says

    I saw “Wicked” in Chicago several years ago and it is awesome. Looking forward to seeing it again, it’s that good. Everyone should treat themselves to an early Christmas present and buy tickets now.

  6. Amy Obszarski says

    I would love to see Wicked!! I love the music from it but we were not able to get tickets to it. :( Sounds like it was an amazing show.

  7. Brett says

    My wife and I have only seen the shown once. Quite a dramatic evening that started with our lost dinner reservations preceding the show (Subway foot-longs to the rescue) but we had great seats and were able to enjoy the rest of the evening. I would enjoy seeing the performance again under less stressful circumstances.

  8. Gaynor baker says

    I have had my tickets for months…can’t wait! Wyoming the prize pack would be the icing on the cake. I have my fingers.crossed

  9. Emily B says

    I was able to see Wicked thanks to the raffle I found out they were doing from this site! First time as well and it was great!!

  10. Angie Unger says

    I took my boyfriend to the show for his birthday last night. It was the first time seeing it for both of us. I knew the show was coming since June and had planned to go since then. All summer the topic kept coming up with friends who have already been to see it. Every person we talked to said it was the most powerful show they had ever been to. We were continuously promised that Wicked will make us laugh, cry and everything in between. While I can’t say that either of us cried I can say that the surprise ending truly made us both gasp with our jaws to the floor. Haha!

  11. Nancy Miller says

    ABSOULETLY EXCITED to see this show… Bought Tickets for both my daughter and I as early Birthday presents (mine being 12/19 and hers being 12/26…) The prize pack would just be ICING on the BIRTHDAY cake!! :)

  12. Jill Morris says

    I saw Wicked Last Friday and loved it!!! We won the Wicked Lottery. I higly recommend you try the lottery if you can’t afford tix. The seats are amazing and only $25. (no fees). That is less than half the original price. We were in the orchestra seats about 10 rows from the stage.

  13. Molly Russell says

    I LOVE Wicked!!! I’m going to see again the Friday after Thanksgiving. This will be the third time I’ve seen it and I will see it every time it comes close to Cincinnati!

  14. Cathy S. says

    I would so love to see Wicked. I am unemployed and my hardworking hubby and I would love, love a night out! Sure hope I win!

  15. Katie says

    I saw Wicked in Chicago a few years ago, and this post is perfect timing because my husband and I are going to see Wicked TONIGHT! We’re so excited! I can’t wait to see it again, and he’s looking forward to seeing it for the first time. We saw Mary Poppins when it was in town, and I’m curious to see how this compares. My hunch is that Wicked will win (and we really liked Mary Poppins)!

  16. Becky Lovins says

    We saw it Sunday night. Unfortunately, we were in front of the lady who had a seizure and threw up right before intermission. Luckily she was ok, but it was a very scary few moments. My 8-year-old didn’t even know what was going on, she was enjoying the show too much.

  17. Jessica says

    I have never been able to get tickets to see Wicked in Cincinnati until now, I’m going on Thanksgiving evening! So excited! Saw it in Cleveland years ago. I can’t wait to see it again.

  18. says

    I have not seen Wicked but have been hinting really big to the husband that it would be a nice late birthday gift or early Christmas gift. Just something for the two of us…which we haven’t been able to do for a long time. Too may yahoos running around here to take some time for ourselves.

  19. Rachel Tussey says

    I absolutely love Wicked. I fell in love with the play when I saw it in Chicago while in high school and haven’t stopped talking about it since. I am thrilled to get the opportunity to take my mom to see Wicked on Thanksgiving night and spread my love of the play. It would make the night even more amazing if I am awarded with the prize pack.

  20. Darlene Corey says

    I’m going to see Wicked with my sisters on the 21st. So excited about it and can’t wait. My second show at the Aronoff.

  21. Pam says

    Wicked is, well, it’s just wicked! I’ve seen it 3 times and am looking forward to the fourth. The music is fabulous, and each cast I’ve seen has its own special touches and stars. A great time for everyone!

  22. Valerie Sharpshair says

    INCREDIBLE! By far the best Broadway show I have ever seen. Without giving away the story, you will never view the Wizard of Oz the same again!

  23. Lucy says

    Saw Wicked when it was here last time, then took my daughter to see it when it was in Columbus. It is our favorite show EVER! I was worried that it wouldn’t be the same the second time I saw it, but it was just as good if not better. The caliber of the performers is amazing! I would love to see it again this time, but haven’t been able to swing it so far. May have to try the lottery. This would be an awesome package to give to my daughter, she would love it!

  24. Mimi Vier says

    I first saw Wicked in Cincinnati a few years ago and fell in love with this story! I continue to also love the Wizard of Oz but certainly see the story in a much different light now the I know the story of Elphaba and Galinda. I had the opportunity to see Wicked in NYC. My husband surprised me with tix again this year for my 20th anniversary. I’m just as excited to see it again as I was the first time. I can hardly wait until Nov 26th!!!

  25. Rosi Ferrall says

    The Ya-yas (seven great friends) are talking me to Wicked next week for my 60th birthday!! Can’t wait to see it again…going to be a fun evening!!

  26. Colleen Kearney says

    I’ve seen it once, going again and can’t wait. It’s my favorite Broadway storyline! I hope I win!


  27. Sharon says

    I have seen Wicked 3 times and will be seeing it for the 4th while it’s here. All-time favorite Broadway show! I LOVE WICKED!!

  28. Kathy Duncan says

    I LoVe WiCkEd!!! Love it so much that this will be my THIRD time to see this incredible play. I live in Indianapolis and will be driving over to Cincinnati on November 15 to see the play along with seven other friends from Cincinnati. We chose Wicked as a special celebration for a 60th Birthday Bash! Can’t wait to see it again!

  29. says

    Here’s the thing:
    I live in NJ, but I have to go to Cincinnati for school stuff every other month… I live 35 minutes from Manhattan, I saw it there and fell in love with it.
    I fell in love so much with the show that I planned this month’s ENTIRE VISIT to Cincinnati around Wicked’s schedule so I could go to see it with my Cincinnati friends… TWICE!!
    BTW, I’m driving from NJ to OH this time (10+ hours) so… a keychain for my car would be nice, please :)

  30. Megan Sheehy says

    I have seen Wicked twice, but I would love to take my husband to see it. He’s never seen it! Such a great musical.

  31. Kelsee says

    I haven’t seen it, and am dying to! I have my fingers and toes crossed that I win this.

    Now, where did I leave my ruby red slippers?! :)

  32. Heather says

    I have not yet seen Wicked, but the music is amazing! I am green with envy from those who have and am dying to see it.

  33. Sallie C. McNeill says

    I have seen Wicked 3 times and love it! As far as I am concerned it ranks right up there with the best of all times, Phantom and Les Miz! Can’t wait until it is released for high schools so that our group can try it. We’ve done the other 2! So pick me!

  34. Jackie Miller-Wilke says

    I have seen WICKED 4 times and every time it gets better!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it- the costumes, the music, the messages it sends regarding friendship and being unique!!

  35. Amy Sharpshair says

    My sister and I will be celebrating our mother’s 60th birthday watching WICKED for the first time…together on the 21st.
    Couldn’t afford for my husband and 13 year old daughter to go, so I would love for the two of them to get to go together and have a daddy daughter memory. PLEASE PICK ME……………….

  36. says

    Saw Wicked on the 2nd and it was the best yet. I’ve seen it three times now and it just keeps getting better. The voices are outstanding and the costumes are perfect. The twists that bring reference of “The Wizard of Oz” are great and bring new views of the characters. Love it!!!


    I have never seen this show but absolutely dying too. I would love to win this package and am trying to make it possible to see a show while its here in Cincy!!

  38. says

    It’s a great show! I’m going to see it this week – 3rd time! (once in Columbus and the others in Cincy) Absolutely love” Defying Gravity”, right before intermission, so we can say “OMG” to everyone around us after Elphaba sings it!

  39. Christine says

    I went with my 2 daughters last Saturday, and we absolutely loved it. I would love to see it again with my husband and have a rare date night.

  40. Kelly Power says

    I been lucky enough to see Wicked nine times in five different cities an let me tell you, it gets better every time I see it! I’m hoping to win lotto tickets to the show before it leaves Cincy!!

  41. Kathy says

    I saw Wicked for the 6th time on November 6th! I love how the different actresses put their own spin on the characters while still staying true to the original. I think everyone needs to see Wicked more than once!

  42. jaimie says

    i haven’t seen wicked yet, but my boyfriend and i have tickets for monday the 21st! I can’t wait, i loved the book!

  43. Sara says

    I saw Wicked in Chicago several years ago and have tickets to see it again in a couple of weeks. So excited! This show is amazing and one of my favorites!!

  44. Laura Schmidt says

    I have never seen Wicked but would love to see it. All my friends have seen it and they say it is the best musical they have ever seen. Please pick me.

  45. says

    I’ve seen Wicked three times and I’ll be going again next week. I’m so excited! It’s a little different every time – the performers always bring their own personality into it.
    I also have the soundtrack and listen to it when I need a pick me up!

  46. Patty Pelfrey says

    I would LOVE to see Wicked. I might try getting the $25 tickets the day of the show but hate to drive 45 min and wait around for nothing. I would love the package though!

  47. DefyingGravity says

    I saw the show last Saturday at the Aronoff for the third time, twice in Cincinnati and once in NYC. It would have seen it maaany more times by now if I had my way :) My friends and I have been OBSESSED with the soundtrack, book and musical (in that order) for the better part of a decade and last weekend I introduced my fiancé to my “other love!” For anyone out there who hasn’t yet experienced Wicked, GO! It’s a must-see!

  48. Lauren K says

    I have been dying to go ever since it first opened! I went to New York, sold out; Chicago, sold out; Cincinnati the last time, sold out. Now, this must be my chance! If I could sing, broadway would be my thing! Yay!!!

  49. Sara Grammel says

    Never seen it, would LOVE to see it!! one of these times! I can never seem to make it happen. Read the book, absolutely loved it, still need to read the sequels!

  50. Carla says

    I haven’t seen it, but would absolutely love to. Can’t really afford to indulge in it for now. I do have the soundtrack… would be amazing to see someday :)

  51. Pam Zepf says

    I have seen Wicked three times and I fall in love all over again with this production. It was the best yet with improved and updated sets, songs, costumes and a couple of new twists in the humor…just phenomenal! Also saw it at The Bushnell in CT and my daughter saw it in NYC and if I am ever able, I want to see it in New York also. When Alphaeba sang suspended from the sky, it gave me cold chills and teary eyes…Just amazing!

  52. Vicky Derderian says

    I have seen Wicked once before, and can barely wait to see it again! I have tickets to take my daughter and my brother (who has NEVER seen it before) on Nov 23. It is an amazing show…… Defying Gravity is my absolute favorite song in the show. It takes your breath away and will leave you in tears. Can’t wait to see it again!!!!!!

  53. says

    Since we can’t afford to indulge, we ask for tickets to a show every year for a Christmas gift. WICKED was (as this former east coaster would say) … wicked good! It’s one of my favorites. Such a great story, great set, costumes, and music. I loved the way the characters were portrayed and laughed many times. I would love to have souveniers to remind me (and show others!) what a terrific show this is. Thanks for this super fun contest! (BTW, I love 365 Things to Do …. keep up the good work!)

  54. Chantae eaton says

    I would kill to see Wicked!!! Haven’t seen it yet but everyone tells me it’s a great story and a good show!

  55. Jennifer says

    I have seen Wicked once before, and will be going again this year because my wonderful Husband got us tickets as a birthday present to me!! 😀

  56. Betsy says

    I saw Wicked for the first time last Sunday night. The understudy played Elphaba. She was incredible. I’d love to see it again with the star. I can’t imagine she’d be any better!

  57. Linda says

    Would be wicked cool!!! to get to see…from what I’ve heard…the most fantabulious production ever!! I have seen Phantom of the Opera,and Cats, in the past. But, my budget doesn’t allow for a splurge on me right now (too close to the holidays and shopping for grandkiddos). I do however think primates (esp flying ones) would be awwesome to see, and since my first viewing of the Wizard of OZ, (gosh I was much younger then, ha) I have always gotten a slight smile when people misunderstood when I said my name was Linda, and they called me Glinda. Good witch?? well…YES!.. most of the time. I’m definatley not wicked, but I’d sure love to see it!!

  58. Justina says

    Wicked was the first show I saw on Broadway. By intermission, I was in tears because it was so amazing! I’m finally seeing it again Friday after waiting 7 years!

  59. Tisha says

    Taking my daughter to the Thanksgiving Day show. We are super, crazy excited to be going. She has a count down going for us. I would LOVE to surprise her with the Souvenir giveaway. I would have our ELF Freddie bring it to her that night when he comes for his 1st visit. THANK YOU!!!!

  60. jim gerace says

    I haven’t seen it…yet. Got tickets for Thanksgiving weekend. Looking forward to it.

    Would be nice to have the stuff to go with it, too. 😉

  61. Victoria says

    I saw Wicked with my Mom when they went to Dayton last year. It was an AMAZING show! We had a great time! Wish we would have gotten tickets for while they are here in Cincy!

  62. Ashley L. says

    I have now seen Wicked twice at the Aronoff Center and LOVE it! My family and I see shows at the Aronoff fairly often and Wicked is in the top two favorites for all four of us! Love it and would love to win this package!

  63. Julie Stock says

    I havent seen Wicked, but I have tickets for 11/25 that are a surprise for my daughters & mother-in-law!!! I can’t wait!!!

  64. Amanda K. says

    Yesterday I went down to the Aronoff to put in for the lottery with a friend from work. Neither of us have seen the show so we were both so sure we were going to get the $25 tickets to go see Wicked. But, we did not… We both so badly wanted to see it but on a teachers budget there was no way either of us could pay the $… I would love the prize pack.. I would split it with my friend so that we could have a little Wicked in our lives.

  65. ashleigh wilson says

    i have never seen wicked, though i’ve been dying to see it for years! i’m trying to talk my husband into getting us tickets for a nice night out. we’re new parents, so we could use a little grown up time!

  66. Erin says

    I’m going to see it next weekend with my mom and friends for my 21st birthday- after meeting Gregory Maguire at Joseph-Beth on Wednesday!!! I’ve already seen it once, but I’m so excited to see it again!

  67. Amy says

    I’m going to see Wicked on November 19 as a belated birthday present from my husband. I’ve never seen it, and cannot WAIT!

  68. Judy Sexton says

    I am green with envy and feeling witchy because “Wicked” seems to be sold out for the times I have checked. I have never seen the show. But I would feel just “over the rainbow” if I could win your
    Wicked prizes! It would definitely put me in a “good witch” frame of mind!

  69. Erica C says

    It has been my dream for years to see this play for years! I have never been able to afford it though :-( I so wish I could go! I would take my 84 year old grandma with me. She has always wanted to see a play and I have never been able to take her. I hope my wish come true! And if not I hope someone who really deserves them gets the tickets and makes some Great memories! :-)

  70. Amanda Lewis says

    I saw it for the 1st time lst Sunday and LOVED it! Can’t wait to go again to see it!! It was an awesome show!!

  71. KAREN says

    My daughter bought tickets for us to see Wicked as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. What a perfect present. We BOTH loved the show and the message! I would be just tickled if I could treat her this year!
    Blessings to you all!

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