Day 351 – Take a Photography Class

It’s Day 351 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today I’m featuring a recent photography class I took from the wonderful Brian Jorg.

pic from

Some of you might remember the awesome deal I got on a Canon DSLR and zoom lens around Christmas time.  Amazon was clearing out the old model and ran a spectacular deal that allowed me to pick up a Canon DSLR with standard lens plus a zoom lens for under 500 bucks.  I’d been watching and waiting, trying to decide what I really wanted.  When that deal popped onto my radar I jumped on it.  I’ve had my lovely camera (plus this fantastic strap) for a number of months now and have not taken the time to learn to really use it.  So when I heard about Brian Jorg’s local Fundamentals of Digital Photography Class series for Beginners I was all over it.

I took the class this week and it was fantastic.  Brian Jorg is a great guy and an amazing photographer and teacher.  Brian is Manager of Horticulture at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.  He has also served as horticulturist at Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum.  So it was fun to learn about photography but also fun to hear of his travels and explorations.  During our class he showed many pictures of his work in plants (mostly endangered plants) and wildlife.  In addition to all that, he travels extensively for photography shoots and has some amazing pics from his travels.

I loved the class and am anxious to get my camera out and just play with it to learn some of the techniques he taught us.  The beginner’s class was enough to get my feet wet and to understand how to take my camera apart, tips on cleaning it, gear selection, etc.  Then we went into the mechanics of getting a good shot.  Brian discussed angles, composition and the rule of thirds (and much more).  We also learned about focal length, f stop, aperture, and lots more.

my shot from atop Southshore Condos

I left Brian Jorg’s class feeling much more comfortable with the settings on my camera.  It will definitely help me in fine tuning my camera skills.  And what’s even better is Brian has a variety of classes each month.  Later this month I’ll be taking his group class on how to shoot a skyline shot.  It meets on the Covington side of the Ohio River, in the early evening, and we’ll be shooting the Cincinnati skyline.  His three hour class (6:30-9:30pm) is for beginners.  I can’t wait!  Want to join me?

And in case you’re wondering – I didn’t know Brian Jorg at all before this class.  I was just amazed by his fun teaching style, his photography, and his reasonably priced classes and wanted to let you all know about this great local set of hands on classes.

Information on Brian Jorg and his photography classes can be found online at (click enter at the top right)


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m most excited about the possibility of such a great deal on Amazon… I’ll be keeping an eye out. I just sold my digital Sony HX1 and hope to buy a DSLR very soon.

  2. Janet Davidson says

    For anyone who feels the need of a second opinion before they sign up for a class, I took the same class and can honestly echo the opinions in this blog entry. I’ve had my Canon 50 D for about a year and took an online class from UC last summer to learn about using it, but I learned more specific and practical information from Brian in three hours than I did from the online course in six weeks.(Admittedly, some of the fault for that lies with me, as well as with the course.)

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