Ballet and Beer

Here we are with another installment of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we are featuring “Ballet and Beer”, an event put on by the Cincinnati Ballet.

dancers - ballet and beer at the cincinnati ballet

Dancers from The Cincinnati Ballet’s upcoming “The Kaplan New Works Series”

“Ballet and Beer” is an event the Cincinnati Ballet periodically hosts prior to the debut of a new show.  Last week’s “Ballet and Beer ” gave us a behind the scenes look at the Cincinnati Ballet’s building and a chance to watch the rehearsals in the studio for The Kaplan New Works Series.

rehearsals for New Works at Ballet and Beer with the Cincinnati Ballet Company

While the Cincinnati Ballet performs most of its works at the Aronoff Center, this performance (the first of the season) will be held in the Cincinnati Ballet’s home on Central Parkway.

Ballet and Beer with the Cincinnati Ballet Company

Our “Ballet and Beer” experience started out with time to tour their open and light-filled lobby.  Walking down the hall, we were able to peer into two different rehearsal areas which were both full of rehearsing dancers.

rehearsals for New Works at Ballet and Beer with the Cincinnati Ballet Company

Cincinnati Ballet's ballet and beer reception

When 5:15 rolled around, we were seated in the rehearsal studio, far above the floor.  It gave us a bird’s eye view of the rehearsal, allowing us to see the entire practice area.  The dancers practiced and rehearsed while we watched from above.  Because this is a new piece for them, we were some of the first “outsiders” to see these bits and pieces of the new show.  They worked through a few scenes, trying to perfect their timing and positioning on the floor.

After the rehearsal, we made our way back to the lobby where we were treated to LaRosa’s pizza.  We had the opportunity to purchase beer or wine from the bar.  And then it was time to mingle.  The choreographer from the rehearsal and the dancers came out to join in with the crowd afterwards. Of course, I’m sure the pizza and beer lured them out too!

It was a fun (and free for New Works ticket purchasers) event and it gave us a great preview into New Works.  The next “Ballet and Beer” will take place on December 6 in anticipation of The Nutcracker.  In addition to “Ballet and Beer”, the Cincinnati Ballet also hosts other events for ticket purchasers including “Meet the Artists” (a pre-performance discussion series where you will have the opportunity to meet choreographers, dancers and members of the creative team) and “Behind the Curtain” (a post-performance conversation with the dancers, choreographers and designers).

The Cincinnati Ballet is located at 1555 Central Parkway in Cincinnati, Ohio
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