Day 127 – Milford Cruise-In Car Show

It’s Day 127 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we’re featuring the Milford “Cruise-In” car show.  This was our very first outdoor car show and WOW were we ever impressed!

milford ohio cruise in car show

This particular car show is FREE and happens every Friday evening  (May to October) starting at about 6pm (give or take).  This Cruise-In (I hope I’m spelling that right!) was in Milford within the Mulberry Square’s Kroger parking lot.  It is a free event and is sponsored by Milford’s Steak and Shake.

milford ohio cruise in car show

It was a much larger show than I anticipated.  They have several hundred cars to see – row after row of cars.  We talked with one of the organizers who told us that this was actually a lighter crowd than normal (it was over 90 degrees still at almost 7pm).  I was very impressed.

milford ohio cruise in car show

The cars and their owners are parked and open for browsing.  Most had their hoods popped and windows rolled down.  The car pictured above and below was my favorite of the show – a 1957 Bel Air.  Keep in mind that I know absolutely nothing about cars and am just basing my “favorite” designation on looks.  But this was one spectacular specimen!

milford ohio cruise in car show

I got to talk to this car’s owner and he told me he bought it from a collector who had stored it in a garage for nearly 20 years.  All of the parts, both interior and exterior, were original.  And it was in pristine condition.  Even the upholstery was like brand new.  What really caught my eye was the fire-engine red interior (shown above).  And don’t miss the white wall tires.  This car was spectacular in every way!

milford ohio cruise in car show

I don’t know if there was an inordinate number of red cars or if I just happened to be drawn to them – but almost every picture I took was of a red car.  This one (above) is an old Impala convertible.  How cool would it be to cruise around in that?!

milford ohio cruise in car show

Above you’ll see black Thunderbirds, young and old.  I’d hate to see what that old Thunderbird could do in a collission!

milford ohio cruise in car show

They had a variety of “newer” cars. And some very old ones…

milford ohio cruise in car show

So if you’re looking for something to do on a Friday evening, “cruise” on over to the Milford Krogers (Mulberry Square location) for a while.  It’s free, the people are very friendly, and the cars are incredible.


  1. Dee McGuire says

    Thanks a lot for this information! I hope the ’57 Belle Air is at the show next week! I would love to see it. In ’57 I dated a boy who had a car like this one except it was green. Brings back good memories! :) Thanks again!

  2. says

    As an automotive artist specializing in American Muscle, I agree, this is one of the best Cruise-Ins around! An amazing variety of cars and proud car owners makes this a great Friday night event!

  3. Roland Gibson says

    My sweetie and I have been coming to the Milford Cruise-In for years but just as spectators.
    This is the first year I will be putting my own Red Car in the Show a 1931 Plymouth Coupe.
    Looking forward to talking to a lot of people that are into the same thing as myself, showing
    off ther beautiful cars.
    Come see us and have a good time enjoying the Cruise-In.

  4. says

    I have lived in Milford my whole life, and use to go to the show with my dad quite often. He passed away a few years ago, and now I have been enjoying it with my son. We went with my wife after about the first month of him being born, and now, he is 4, and we take our Pinto wagon every weekend. I’ve been involved with car shows my whole life, and I gotta say, this is the best variety of cars I have ever seen. There are the regulars that are there, in the same spot, every week. There also the unique cars, that you hardly ever see, pop in from time to time. Every one is friendly, and respectful to everyone else. Even if you don’t have a show car, it’s still great to walk around and just enjoy the atmosphere.

  5. Don Brown says

    Have been really busy elsewhere this year, after a couple of great summers meeting fantastic people at the “Milford Friday”. Brought my Mom’s old ’68 Lincoln Continental again on Friday, and had a blast. (Even if I was two numbers off on the door prize) I have a friend who has asked me if they will continue running after Labor Day. The Site says October, but I have not been there after Labor Day. With the fantastic weather we had on the 15th of August, I hope to make it back again in September.

  6. says

    On July 25 there will be a Benefit Car Show for The Cincinnati VA Hospital, hosted by a young man who has run a successful Polar Plunge for the DAV and very successful 5K for the Joseph House.

    The benefit in presented by The Goshen Military Club & Smyth Automotive will cap off tens of thousands of sponsorship dollars.

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