Day 361 – Window Dressings at the Old Shillito’s Department Store

It’s Day 361 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we’re featuring something that combines the modern with the classic – admiring the artistic displays currently in the windows at the old Shillito’s Department Store on Race Street.

Have you walked past the Shillito building lately?  If so, you may have noticed the graphic designs on the windows.  The windows on what was once a thriving department store are now full of fashion once again.  This display is the work of the Landor Associates,  whose offices are in the Shillito building.

The windows dressings were presented to the public back in May during Fashion Week.  In the windows you will see a model in today’s fashions and then on the actual window itself you’ll see graphic design that is inspired by and compliments the photo.

landor windows shillitos cincinnati

I am going to be honest here and say – don’t make a special trip downtown just to see these windows.  BUT if you are downtown, take a walk up Race Street and admire this gorgeous old building and the Landor Associates window display.  Together they make a pretty good team!

landor windows shillitos cincinnati

Landor and Associates put these displays together for all of us to enjoy.  Their offices are in the historic Shillito building downtown which can be found at 675 Race Street.


  1. Sharon Coffey says

    I want to find my all time favorite shoes that we purchase at Shillito’s back in the 60’s….capezio shoes….most wonderful shoes in the world…came in suede and leather in various colors…we had them all….wish I could find them again…I know many that would purchase them…


  2. Sharon Coffey says

    Always loved the store displays of all the stores, especially Shillito’s…we use to come from covington every year at Christmas and see the displays and walk the streets in the snow…so wonderful….my husband and I came over many winters just to walk the streets in the snow and look at the displays…

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