Day 191 – Sacred Heart Ravioli Dinner

It’s Day 191 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we went to Sacred Heart Church for their semi-annual Ravioli Dinner.  This is no ordinary church dinner, folks! Read on…

sacred heart ravioli dinner

What do you get when you make up 200,000+ spinach ravioli and 20,000+ meatballs?  You get tired… and you get one heck of a fantastic Ravioli Dinner at Sacred Heart Church in Camp Washington.  Sacred Heart has been serving up this Italian Dinner for years… 99 years to be exact.  They do this twice a year, once on Palm Sunday and once in October.  Next year will be their 100th year.

sacred heart ravioli dinner

Pots and pots of spaghetti and sauce, racks and racks of ravioli… made just for this semi-annual dinner and sale.  You can eat at the church or you can wait in line to get it as carry out.  We chose to wait in line for carry out.  This was the first time we’ve been to the sale.  I will say that we made two mistakes – we didn’t bring our own containers and we didn’t bring enough cash!

You see, if you bring your own containers (big pots of any kind) you get more of the goods.  And if you are going to wait in the line for the food, you better bring enough cash to get more than a few meals!

sacred heart ravioli dinner

Because it’s a looong line.  The line above is just the carry out line.  I would say it rivals the line to pray the steps (fellow Catholics will know what I mean).

They sell the ravioli frozen or fresh with sauce and meatballs.  They also sell bags of freshly grated cheese, extra meatballs, bread and sauce by the quart.

If you go, be sure to arrive early.  The carry out service begins at 10:30am (or at least that’s what we were told today).  They always sell out so don’t wait until late in the afternoon to arrive.  And I would recommend wearing the most comfortable shoes you own and maybe even bringing a chair!

The line to eat there was not nearly as long though so you might want to just eat there and skip the carry out line.

The ravioli is incredibly good… and well worth the wait.  We actually had a great time because we were surrounded by some fun folks in line.  Here’s a picture of our new friend, Theresa (of the Little Flower – not Avila).  Theresa’s parents used to cook this same dinner at the original Sacred Heart Church down the road.  I won’t divulge her age but let’s just say she is very close to being 90.  What a ball of fire!  Below she was telling my husband that they were adding too much water to the sauce and to keep it quiet :).

sacred heart ravioli dinner

You may be wondering where my pictures of the food are?  I am embarrassed to say that we were so famished after waiting in line that we came home, headed out to the deck and consumed both plates full of food before I realized we didn’t take pictures!  So sorry.  Trust me (and the hundreds of others waiting in line with me), it’s good stuff!

Sacred Heart Church is located at 2733 Massachusetts Avenue in Camp Washington

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